Re: Propose removing --no-start from cf push in CLI v7

Abby Chau

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback regarding the `--no-start` flag on the V7 CLI. Apologies it's taken so long to close the loop. We appreciate your feedback (and suggestions for alternative solutions) - they were all valuable to inform[1] our decisions. 

We wanted to circle back to let you know that after consideration we've decided to re-implement the standard workflow for `--no-start` on `cf push` on the V7 CLI (we are still far from releasing a GA version but have been releasing V7 beta CLI releases).  

Given the ubiquitous of usage and the complicated use cases for `--no-start`, we felt it was valuable to reimplement the standard functionality as long as we were also able to support other complicated deployment workflows, including granular commands and rollbacks. 

We don't plan on making changes to the standard no-start workflow: `cf push app --no-start` --> apply config --> `cf start` however we do plan on making changes to `cf start` to enable more complicated workflows in the following ways:
  • if a user has rolled back an app, `cf start` will start the app using the same droplet they've roll back 
  • if a user has rolled back their app, and they want the latest droplet, they can use a new `--latest` flag on `cf start`. 
The changes to `cf start` and the roll back functionality does not currently exist on V7 beta CLI but we hope to start work on them soon. 

To read more about what I've detailed above (including what "standard --no-start workflow" even means), and the new deployment workflows we plan to build on V7 beta CLI, please read and comment on Request for Feedback: New Deployment Workflows With CLI Options. As always, your feedback is valuable. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or additional feedback by:
  • replying to this email
  • commenting on the above doc
  • reaching out on #Cloud Foundry Slack 

CF CLI, Product Manager

[1] I've included screenshots of some of the CLI command modeling we did to give you an idea of how much consideration we gave to this subject matter, particularly given your feedback on the various use cases for running `--no-start` with `cf push`.

On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 10:15 AM Zach Robinson <zrobinson@...> wrote:
Hi Norm,

That's an interesting possible UX. Part of this process is to gather feedback before making a change and to potentially alter the proposal to better fit everybody's needs.  Thanks for sharing this.

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