Re: [Proposal] Deprecation of the firehose endpoint

Johannes Tuchscherer

Hi everybody,

thanks for the continuous stream of feedback. We are definitely going to support the firehose-exporter and firehose-to-syslog projects off the firehose to the RLP. The stories in our backlog are coming up soon. Stanislav, do you think that looking at what we did with the firehose-to-syslog project would help you to migrate the kafka-firehose-nozzle?

Also, based on the feedback I have received so far I am open to increasing the deprecation window to 6 months. Would that be acceptable?


On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 4:22 PM Stanislav German-Evtushenko <s.germanevtushenko@...> wrote:
Hi Johannes,

We are heavy users of loggregator and we have the same concerns as others in the thread.

We use loggregator for:
- storing all application logs for 6 month (regulations requirement) using kafka-firehose-nozzle
- getting all platform metrics for monitoring purposes using kafka-firehose-nozzle
- getting all applications metrics to provide monitoring dashboard using kafka-firehose-nozzle and cf-metrics-refinery (see

Another concern is autoscaler ( It is relying on loggregator and I haven't seen any updates on moving out of it yet.

Best regards,

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