Feedback needed on UAA Microsoft SQL server Usage

Chao Wang <chawang@...>


If you are using Microsoft SQL server (MS-SQL) as a database backend for UAA, please respond to this survey with your usage details. It will take less than a minute.

Hi UAA Open Source Contributors,

We are in the process of adding some improvements around UAA’s TLS connectivity to databases. More details can be found here. In this regard, we would like to understand the usage patterns around UAA database types.

At this time, we are not aware of any MS-SQL usage with UAA. We are aware of deployments mainly using either MySQL or PostGres.

Action Needed:

If you are using MS-SQL as a UAA backend, we would like to understand more about your current usage and deployment.

Please respond with the following details in this survey.

The information above will help us in making an informed decision around either continuing to support MS-SQL or deprecating its support.

Thank you for continued support on making this product better!


UAA Team


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