Retrieving events for a custom UAA Installation #cf

Shetty, Viraj S [CTR]

We have deployed our own installation of UAA in cloud foundry which is used as an OAuth 2 Server for applications. As a part of the security feature, we want to review the events on a daily basis. However, there does not seem to be any apis to retrieve the events for a date range. What is the best way to retrieve these events ? The events and logs are also streamed to an Elastic Search instance with a Kibana front end. I can search in Kibana with a keyword "Audit" for the UAA application and the records will show up. The problem with this is that the search will show up entries with Audit anywhere in the message and that may not be an UAA Audit Event. Also, is there an easy way to pull this using an API ? 

Please advise ! 

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