CF CLI v6.43.0 Released Today

Thomas Viehman <tviehman@...>

Hey everyone,

The CF CLI team released cf CLI v6.43.0 today; please see release notes for full details.

Highlights Include

Multi-Service Registration epic

CF now allows multiple service brokers to offer services with the same name and or to have the same catalogs. (However, brokers themselves must still be given a unique name.)

Note: Multi-service registration is only supported on CC API version 2.125.0 or greater.

Users can specify which broker to use with a new -b flag, which is available on the following commands:

  • cf create-service
  • cf enable-service-access
  • cf disable-service-access
  • cf purge-service-offering
  • cf service - now display broker names
  • cf marketplace now display broker names

Important Note: If you have two service instances with the same name, the commands above will now require the -b flag to disambiguate which service instance and broker you want to operate on.

For more information: For more information regarding this feature and other services-related work in this release, reach out to cf-services-api@... or #sapi on Cloud Foundry Slack.


  • cf curl supports a new --fail flag (primarily for scripting purposes) which returns exit code 22 for server errors story
  • Improves cf delete-orphaned-routes such that it uses a different endpoint, reducing the chance of a race condition when two users are simultaneously deleting orphaned routes and associating routes with applications story
  • we've improved the speed of cf services - it now hits a single endpoint instead of making individual API calls

Minimum Version Cleanup

Our minimum version policy changed in January 2019 to support CC API 2.100/3.35. This release removes code which support CC API below those versions. story

Bug Fixes


  • Fixes issue with running cf login in verbose mode whereby passwords which contains regex were not completely redacted
  • Fixes issue whilst running commands in verbose mode refresh tokens were not completely redacted

32-bit systems

  • Fixes a bug for users on 32-bit systems where the CLI would fail to unmarshall responses from the server because the response contained integer values that, when unmarshalled, would overflow 32-bit integers. For example, now users on 32-bit systems, can now set their memory usage larger than 2GB for cf push. See the list of commands below which we've applied the fix for. story story
CC VersionResourceFieldAffected Commands
v2App Instance StatusDiskcreate-app-manifest
v2App Instance StatusDiskQuotacreate-app-manifest
v2App Instance StatusMemorycreate-app-manifest
v2App Instance StatusMemorycreate-app-manifest
v3ProcessHealth Check Invocation Timeoutv3-set-health-checkv3-get-health-check
v3Process InstanceUptimepushrestagerestartstartapp
v3TaskSequence IDtasksrun-task

Other Bug Fixes

  • Updates help text for cf curlstory
  • Now refresh tokens work properly whilst using cf curl with V3 CC API endpoints story
  • Fixes performance degradation for cf services story
  • cf delete-service requires that you are targeting a space story
  • cf enable-service access for a service in an org will succeed if you have already enabled access for that service in that org story

Plugin Additions/Updates

  • Added anchor links to the plugin page story

  • updates autoscaler-cli story

  • updates log-cache-cli to v2.1.0 story

  • updates report-memory-usage story

  • adds log-stream plugin story

  • adds HTML5 Plugin v1.1.0 story


Thomas Viehman, Jennifer Spinney, Will Murphy, Magesh Kumar Murali, Alex Shan, Brendan Smith, Abby Chau, Aarti Kriplani, Alex Blease, Georgi Lozev, Henry Stanley, Laurel Gray, Niki Maslarski, Oleksii Fedorov, William Martin, Adam Eijdenberg (for the plugin page anchor links pull request), David Grizzanti (for the delete orphaned routes pr)

Thank you to all our Community contributors, we appreciate the pull requests!

Note: The minimum version of the CC API this CF CLI release is compatible with is CC API v2.100.0 (3.35). See our minimum supported version policy for more information.



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