CC API v3 Proposals

Greg Cobb

Greetings cf-dev!

As part of theĀ v3 acceleration initiative we announced last October, we have written a number of proposals for the remaining resources that will be exposed on the v3 API.

If you work on a project the uses the CC API, we would love your feedback on these proposals (and on your experience with the v3 API in general). Please feel free to comment on the docs, respond to this email, or message us in the #v3-acceleration-team channel on the Cloud Foundry Slack.

Here is a doc with links to all current v3 API proposals:

Please keep in mind that these proposals are all under active development and will likely change as we get further along. These proposals, in addition to the v3 API documentation, can also give you perspective on what moving to the v3 APIs will look like. Look for more details about the v2 API deprecation plan coming soon.

V3 Acceleration Team

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