Changing routing component logs to human readable timestamps

Shubha Anjur Tupil


Eric Malm (Diego) recently submitted a PR to change the log format for CF TCP Router, Route Registrar and Routing API to a more human readable format compatible with RFC 3339. I wanted to send out a note to the community to give you a heads up in case this might break integrations for some operators who might be relying on the logs and have tooling that might break from log format changes. For more details, the Diego team shared a proposal on this last year. 

Please let us know if this would break your integrations, and/or when we merge this you would need a heads up to make changes at your end. We would love to prioritize merging this subject to what we hear from the community. A few other components like container-networking have switched to this format already. Happy to answer questions or have follow ups if there are concerns. 

CF Routing PM

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