Unconference in Philadelphia - Talks Please!

Daniel Jones

Hi lovely CF peeps,

We're seeking short talk proposals for the CF Summit NA 2019 Unconference. If you've got something cool, off-the-wall, or maybe that didn't quite fit the main conference criteria, then please make a proposal! 

We want to have a couple of scheduled talks so that potential attendees have some certainty about what knowledge will be imparted upon them. Other than that, we'll be allowing plenty of time for open space discussions (more than in Basel!).

In Basel last year a whopping 20% of all summit attendees came to the Unconference, so it's a great opportunity to engage your peers in conversation and learn from each other. Whilst SAP are already sponsors, we're looking for more - so if you want a way to reach a large portion of the summit audience directly, please get in touch.

We're also bringing the Cloud Foundry Pub Quiz to North America for the first time - expect beer, rubbish jokes, obscure trivia, and lively debates about whether the questions make sense!

Daniel 'Deejay' Jones - CTO
+44 (0)79 8000 9153
EngineerBetter Ltd - More than cloud platform specialists

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