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I personally have never heard of anyone running Joomla on a CF platform.  That definitely doesn't mean it hasn't been done or is not possible though.  Unlike Wordpress I don't think it stores content on the filesystem so I guess the question is how "cloud-native" is it.  Would you, for example, be able to "cf scale -i" it once pushed?  If it won't support that, would it work running it at scale 1? 

If you have pre-existing assets that just happen to have been created using Joomla then another option would be to re-create these assets using the Spring framework and I specifically draw your attention to Spring Boot, Spring Data and the community project Spring Content that allows you to build cloud-native CMS against the backend of your choice.  These would be 100% cloud-native and operate very nicely in CF.  The downside of this approach is that it is much more developer-oriented and, in general, the work to recreate the site would be a little bit of Spring/Java, quite a lot of UI.  As I say probably only appropriate if you are looking to be pre-existing assets forward.  Not appropriate if you are looking to hand Joomla accounts out to end users to create their own sites.  

Just my $10

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I am a current user of SAP and I am very interested in starting with the use of SAP CLOUD PLATFORM, but I need to know if there is currently an add-on in Cloud Foundry for Joomla or I can migrate Joomla to this platform.
If possible, you can tell me how I can do it.
Thank you very much and I'm still pending.

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