Re: Implementation of Joomla in Cloud Foundry #cf #service #loggregator

Daniel Mikusa

Cloud Foundry has a PHP buildpack which can be used to run pretty much any PHP application. I've not personally used it to run Joomla, but it can run Wordpress and Drupal so I think that Joomla should be possible too.

As for how, I would suggest that you start by trying to just `cf push` Joomla and see what happens. You can get pretty far that way. Then just work through any errors you hit, like you might need to enable some PHP extensions or tie in a database.

Also, check out the Wordpress example here. Using Joomla should be pretty similar.

On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 11:55 AM <gtobon@...> wrote:
I am a current user of SAP and I am very interested in starting with the use of SAP CLOUD PLATFORM, but I need to know if there is currently an add-on in Cloud Foundry for Joomla or I can migrate Joomla to this platform.
If possible, you can tell me how I can do it.
Thank you very much and I'm still pending.

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