Happy new year, from the Cloud Foundry API (CAPI) team!

Christine (Lee) Yeh <clee@...>

Hi, happy start to 2019! ūüéȬ† The Cloud Foundry API (CAPI) team is actively working to improve the¬†app deployment experience¬†in Cloud Foundry, and we need your help!

We're interested in hearing about your app deployment strategies, as well as your feedback on specific topics such as rolling / blue-green deployment, rolling back an app deployment, the API client experience, etc.

This is an opportunity for you to actively shape our roadmap for the year, and for us to directly hear from you about what's working well, and what isn't. 

  Please sign up using this Google Form, or email us directly to express interest. We'll reach out to set up a 30-60 min chat in the next 4 weeks.

Feel free to pass this on to others. Thank you!  

Christine Yeh, Designer
Scott Sisil, Product Manager
Tim Downey, Engineer

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