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Seems that discussion has died down on this.... At this point, it appears that consensus is around not adding Erini yet and reassessing when the project is further along.

We can certainly make changes later in the year. The PMC Council has final say around any changes to the technical requirements, but any CFF member can propose the change. I'll look for interested parties to re-propose Erini inclusion when folks feel it's appropriate.

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+1. Our main intent certainly was to avoid certification FUD in case we accomplish a "mature" Eirini in the first half or 2019. To me ammeding the requirements with a mid-term update does address this, so I'm fine with that.

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That sounds reasonable. I was going to add some "pending feature parity and passing CATs" language in the proposed change, but ammeding the requirements with a mid-term update would probably satisfy our needs without introducing conditional clauses.

Thanks for the feedback.


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