CF CLI Minimum Supported Version for 2019

Abby Chau

Hello everyone,

Earlier this year, in order to focus our resources on the most valuable features and bug fixes, the CLI team announced a minimum supported version policy for older Cloud Controller (CC) API versions: upon the new calendar year, the CF CLI will only maintain support as far back as the previous year’s CF Certification. Older CF CLI versions compatible with older CF releases will continue to be available. However, the CLI team will remove all code pertaining to unsupported releases.

The current CF CLI is backwards compatible to CF 251 / CC v2 API 2.69 / CC v3 API 3.4.0, which was the latest released version as of January 1, 2017.

Starting in 2019, CF CLI will only support:

  • Previous Year’s CF Certification: CF Certification 2018

  • CF-Deployment Release in January 2018: v1.7.0. (CF Release in January 2018: v284)

  • CAPI Release on January 1st, 2018: 1.46.0 (APIs 2.100.0 and 3.35.0)

The CF CLI team welcomes any feedback you may have regarding this. We can be reached via this email, or on Slack at #cli (Cloud Foundry). Thanks.


Abby Chau and the CF CLI Team

Product Manager, CF CLI

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