CF CLI v6.41.0 Released Today

Will Murphy

Hello everyone,

The CF CLI team released v6.41.0 of the CF CLI today. See the release notes for more details.

Highlights Include

Assign a Stack to a Buildpack epic

Supports the ability to assign a stack to a buildpack that is missing stack metadata. See official documentation for more details.

Important Note: It's important to note that once you assign a stack to a buildpack, you cannot undo the action unless you have access to your buildpack bits.

Additional notes:

  • If you have two buildpacks with the same name, and one has a stack associated, and the other has a nil stack; when you run cf update-buildpack buildpack-name --assign-stack stack - the buildpack with nil stack will be updated.

Service Discovery epic

With app service discovery, apps pushed to Cloud Foundry can establish container-to-container communications through a known route. This allows front end apps to easily connect with back end apps.

Now users can use cf create-shared-domain --internal to create an internal route, and domains has been updated to include a new details column to let users know if a route is internal.

See official documentation for more details.


Important Note:

We've discovered that for commands we've refactored previously, the CLI started incorrectly allowing for additional arguments to be passed in commands, which are ignored silently. Moving forward and starting with these refactored commands, if you provide additional arguments to a command, the command will fail with a meaningful message. [details](#162259630]

Note we intend to fix this bug for all refactored commands in a major CLI release see additional details

Services-related Refactors

In order to prepare for a upcoming service-related feature, the Services API team in London refactored the following commands. Big thanks to the SAPI team for providing this work to us.

User-facing changes include:

  • Updating output where necessary and flavor text to promote consistently as described in our style guide

Create-shared-domain Refactor

In order to prepare for the Service Discovery (Container to Container Networking feature), we've refactored cf create-shared-domain.

User-facing changes include:

  • Updating output where necessary and flavor text to promote consistently as described in our style guide

Built with Golang 1.11.x story

Updated to Golang 1.11. See the Golang release summaries for details on the bug fixes.


  • updated cf --help to include the delete command story

Plugin Updates

Contributors: SAPI London team (for the marketplace refactor), Slawek Ligus and the C2C Networking team (for cross team efforts for the Service Discover feature) Thomas Viehman, Jennifer Spinney, Will Murphy, Magesh Kumar Murali, Abby Chau

Note: The minimum version of the CC API this CF CLI release is compatible with is CC API v2.69.0. See our minimum supported version policy for more information.


Will and the CF CLI Team

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