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Simon D Moser

While i agree that Eirini needs more Battle-testing and production evaluation still, i think the key is this not a certification *requirement*, but rather a *certification option*. From my point of view, IBM will have a commercial Eirini out in 2019 and we want that not to be non-certified. Up to an cf adopter whether he‘ll take the risk to pick it up or not, but if you do you should be within the certification.

FWIW, with SUSE SCF and IBM CFEE there will likely be at least two production adopter products in 2019, and the community cannot and does not want to make that decision dependent on PCF adoption. Other projects have been production tested on other CF offerings like IBM Bluemix in the past, so PCF is not (and should not be) the only quality gate for an open source project. 

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I really don't want to spoil your enthusiasm, but I would say let's run some production workloads on Eirini first and then include it in the certification (2020 maybe?).

One of the things I love about the current Cloud Foundry ecosystem is that it is continuously "battle tested" on PWS and other environments (even if it's not for altruistic reasons at all, it's still a great service for the community - Kudos Pivotal!). 

I would like to see the same level of validation for Eirini before including it in the certification requirements. 



On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 11:47 PM Troy Topnik <troy.topnik@...> wrote:

Eirini is coming, and a number of us are keen to see Kubernetes-native app scheduling in CFAR distributions as soon as possible. Ideally we would like these distributions to be certified by the CF Foundation when they are released.

We recognize that Eirini is still in incubation, but it’s getting closer to feature parity with Diego every day. The Cloud Foundry acceptance tests (CATs) are almost all passing, and are expected to be fully passing by the time the certification requirements are released, but the 2019 requirements are currently being drafted.

So I’d like to propose including Eirini as an alternative CFAR scheduler, assuming it will be passing the relevant tests by the time of certification.

My suggestion is a one line change to the Application Runtime section of the certification requirements:

The Application Runtime portion of a certified offering must include the following components:

There are likely more changes coming in this section from other projects, but this would be the diff from the 2018 certification requirements.

Obviously, this is a matter for discussion with the wider community and of course the PMC Council, so let’s start the discussions here on cf-dev and expose all the questions and concerns.



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