routing-release 0.183.0

Shubha Anjur Tupil

We cut routing-release 0.183.0 today morning. 

Release highlights: 
  • Operator can specify HTTP headers to be added by Gorouter to responses details
  • Operator can specify HTTP headers to be removed by Gorouter from the responses details
  • We have updated locket to the latest commit details
  • Fixed an issue introduced with the move to BPM for TCP Router on accumulating TCP-Router HAProxy instances details
  • With the move to BPM, operators should use the syslog release for access log streaming. enable_access_log_streaming is no longer supported in the Gorouter details
  • Gorouter stdout logs includes vcap_request_id so operators can correlate the stdout logs with access logs for easier debugging of issues details
  • Route registrar now supports registration of TCP routes details
  • When an application instance crashes while processing a request Gorouter now returns an error and takes the backend out of the pool temporarily, without retrying another backend details
  • We have updated from Cflinux2 to Cflinuxfs3 details
  • We are still evaluating the issue we are having with performance reports and have not been able to get a root cause details
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