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Hi Jo,

I hope all is well with you.  I didn't see a response to this, so I thought I'd take a swing at it.

This use case (moving all the state to another CF deployment for DR) is exactly what BBR is meant for (  Did you consider to use that instead?  To me, using scripting to patch the persistent disks seems like a pretty sketchy idea and will be fragile at best.  Even if you do get it to work, you will probably find that it is unreliable and requires a lot of maintenance when up upgrade to new cf-d versions that do stuff like replacing consul dns with bosh DNS or replacing gorouter with istio.

BBR was fairly new in the 1.15 time frame, but there is an experimental ops file for it in that version.


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We are using cf-deployment release 1.15.0 in a vSphere environment and are looking at DR strategies.

Up until now, we have implemented DR by replicating the persistent disks to another vSphere configured with the same datastores and network config (i.e. IP addresses in both DCs are the same).


We now have to deploy into datacenters that have different IP networks. It has been suggested that we can update the IP addresses in the persistent disks when bringing up the DR site.


Is there any information as to where CF stores IP addresses of various components (config files, db tables, etc.) that I could use to determine the effort required to patch everything to use IP addresses in DR environment?




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