Re: 3 etcd nodes don't work well in single zone


Hi Amit,

It’s me again.

Could you please see log files in the attachment?

We got these errors:

etcdhttp: unexpected error: etcdserver: request timed out
(but it might be not a bug according to

./hm9000/hm9000_analyzer.log , hm9000_apiserver.log and hm9000_sender.log
"error","message":"Store is not fresh - Error:Actual state is not fresh"

Today we tried to run it with 2 etcd instances but not 3, to detect the problem more clearly.

Also, we tried to change properties of etcd:


election_timeout_in_milliseconds: 3000 (also tried 5000)
heartbeat_interval_in_milliseconds: 50 (also tried 500, 1000)
log_sync_timeout_in_seconds: 30

It seems that heartbeat_interval_in_milliseconds works
(got ?/2 about 4 times as many as 2/2, when it is 50, and
Got ?/2 about 1.7 times as many as 2/2, when it is 1000).

We may try 2000 or 3000 tomorrow though we think it is too big compared with the default value 50.

Do you have any idea about it?


Tony Li

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To: Li, Tony
Subject: Re: [cf-dev] 3 etcd nodes don't work well in single zone

Hi Amit,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, we still get stuck here.

And let's me introduce George who is checking this issue in detail. He will send log and report with more details to you soon.

BTW, We know how to get logs from bosh vms. Thank you very much.

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