Re: Set maxHttpHeaderSize in tomcat server as a parameter

Daniel Mikusa

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 1:28 PM, <sajjadgholami2006@...> wrote:

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Thanks Lingesh for sharing your repo; right I actually did try it on my own repo as well, but we want it to be formally accepted and be in the original build-pack to use.

Daniel, you're right; but again this needs another repo to be setup, we want to only trust the one formal original CF repo that has the community watching it instead of moving to unreliable sources or to create and maintain our own repo besides this that's why I'm suggesting to make the change in original repo :)

Not sure what you mean. It doesn't require that you fork the buildpack. You just need to host your Tomcat config somewhere. That's cause the buildpack will need to download it, since it's not part of the JBP. The easiest way is to push your config w/the Staticfile buildpack. Then you can use `cf set-env` and tell the JBP to use your external config bundle from your Staticfile app. You could post the config elsewhere too, like S3 or any other HTTP server.



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