Re: Set maxHttpHeaderSize in tomcat server as a parameter

Lingesh Mouleeshwaran

Hello Sajjad, 

your expected changes are available in my git repo.  Please have a look I will make a pull request for the same.

Note: by default, Apache community give 8kb as default header size, also I prefer to keep 64 kb as default. 

Lingesh M

On Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 6:02 AM, <sajjadgholami2006@...> wrote:
Hi there,

We have a service that gets http requests with big header size, so I was wondering if we can just expose a parameter to set the maximum http header size in tomcat/conf/server.xml to be set by a new option in tomcat.yml file (e.g. "maxHttpHeaderSize" under "tomcat").
I can create a pull-request for this.

I'll appreciate your input ;)


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