Re: Service Instance Sharing is now GA

Zach Robinson

Awesome feature.  Congrats Services API Team!

On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 3:17 AM Sam Gunaratne <rgunaratne@...> wrote:
Hello CF Devs,

We are happy to announce that Service Instance Sharing is now Generally Available starting from CF Deployment 3.4.0 (CAPI Release 1.66.0).

Sharing a service instance between spaces allows apps in different spaces to share databases, messaging queues, and other types of services. This eliminates the need for development teams to use service keys and user-provided services to bind their apps to the same service instance that was provisioned using the cf create-service command. Sharing service instances improves security, auditing, and provides a more intuitive user experience.
This functionality is turned off by default but can be enabled in CF using a feature flag.

We would like to thank for your feedback during the experimental phase.


Services API Team

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