REQUEST for REVIEW - Proposed Scope for CF-Deployment v4.0

Josh Collins

Hello Fellow Cloud-Foundrians,

Based on the feedback generated during the cf-deployment v3.0 retro and observations of the impact of 3.0 on the CF development community CI's, I'd like to share and gather feedback on proposed scope of the next major release of cf-deployment.

As per the action item generated in the 3.0 retro, I've created a Google Doc which describes the high-level changes under proposal.

Anyone with the link above can review and comment.
Please feel free to review and provide feedback in the document as soon as you're able.

We'll be locking the scope the middle of next week (Wednesday August 22nd).

For those interested in following, here's the v4.0 epic in our backlog.
Lastly, if you've got breaking changes that you'd like Release Integration to consider in the future please bring them to my and the team's attention:
Thanks very much for reading to the end and Happy Friday!

Josh Collins
PM - Release Integration
Josh Collins
PM - CF R&D Release Integration

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