Diego log grouping


We have a Diego 1099 deployment and syslog_daemon_config configured. We see a 1:1 mapping for Diego platform messages to syslog messages. In other words, for each syslog message that hits the wire, there is one platform message as its payload. This works well with Splunk, which is ultimately where the messages end up.

We have another deployment, but on Diego 1304, with its syslog_daemon_config identical to the other, but Splunk is *not* ingesting its logs. We ran a packet capture and discovered that this deployment is grouping its log messages in a 1:n manner: For each syslog message on the wire, we have multiple platform messages within, separated by newlines. I suspect this is the reason the logs aren't being ingested.

I took a quick glance at the code and it seems like this might be due to ifrit/grouper, but I can't say for sure.

Has anyone run into this issue?


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