CF CLI v6.38.0 Released Today

Abby Chau

Hey everyone,

The CF CLI team released cf CLI v6.38.0 today; please see release notes for full details. Highlights include: 

Changes to the `cf app app-name` Display
  • In late June, we sent out a survey (thank you to all who responded) to ask the community their opinion on changing the `cf app app-name` display.  Buoyed by your feedback, we decided to move forward with changing the `cf app` display such that it is backed by the v3 app api endpoint. Users on cc api 3.27 or higher will see the new app display.  

Multiple Buildpacks Support
  • Previously, pushing with multiple buildpacks, required you to use a combination of "v2" and "v3" commands. Now, if you are using CC API `3.25` or above, you can push with multiple buildpacks by either passing in multiple `-b` flags, or use the new `buildpacks` field in the manifest. 

Invocation Timeout Configuration
  • App devs on cc api `3.43.0` or higher can now use `v3-set-health-check` to set per invocation timeouts for http and port health checks  for individual health checks. 

Upgraded to Golang 1.10.3
  • This release bumps the CLI to use Golang `1.10.3`. 

Support for SOCKS5
  • We added SOCKS5 support for `cf v3-ssh` 

Other Enhancements
  • `v3-ssh` process type now defaults to `web` 
  • Support added for setting tags for user provided service instances 
  • Now a warning appears if you attempt to use deprecated properties and variable substitution 
  • Updated usage so now you can rename the `cf` binary use it with every command 
  • `cf events` now displays the Diego `cell_id` and `instance` guid in crash events 
  • Includes `cf service service-instance` table display improvements wherein the service instance information is now grouped separately from the binding information
  • `cf service service-instance` table display information for user provided services changed: `status` has been added to the table 
New Translations
  • New translations are included in this release. Big thanks to IBM who contributed updated translations of CLI output and help text. As the update came in mid-release and a number of message strings changed since, you may find some untranslated messages (in particular in the help pages).

Bug Fixes
  • the CLI now properly handles escaped commas in the `X-Cf-Warnings` header

  • the `buildpack` field in the manifest has been deprecated in favour of `buildpacks`.

Contributors:  An Yu, Sebastian Vidrio, Anande Gaitonde, Thomas Viehman, Alex Zhao, Abby Chau, Spencer Hawley, Renee Chu, Nick Guerette

Special Guests: Dies Koper (for helping us test SOCK5 support), SAPI London team (for tags support for user provided services and help updating the `cf service service-instance` table),  Dr. Max and the IBM team (for translation updates). 


Abby and the CLI team

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