Re: routing-release 0.180.0

Shubha Anjur Tupil

I wanted to add a note to clarify now that some routing components use bpm. 

BPM needs to be colocated on the VM for the components that are using BPM (gorouter, routeing-api and route-registrar). If you are using cf-deployment, BPM is already colocated on the bosh deployed VMs, but if you are not using cf-deployment you would have to colocate the BPM job on the component VMs for gorouter, routing-api and route-registrar.


On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 4:08 PM, Shubha Anjur Tupil <sanjurtupil@...> wrote:

We released routing-release 0.180.0 today. 

  • Operator can see a log message that indicates the number of tries when the Gorouter fails to connect to a backend in the gorouter.log details
  • Golang has been updated to 1.10.3 for all routing components details here and here
  • Release author can now specify an IP for the route-registrar using the job spec. If a host is not found in the job spec it will default to the IP of the VM the route-registrar is running on details

Using BPM for routing components

  • We are now using BPM for gorouter details
  • We are now using BPM for routing-api details
  • We are now using BPM for route_registrar details

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed a issue where query parameters were not sent to the application when preceded by a //anywhere in the URL. Now when the request URL includes a //, the query parameters are sent to the application by the Gorouter details
  • Fixed an issue with symlinks to enable bosh-cli v5.x to work with routing-release details
  • PID files are being deleted when the Gorouter stops details


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