Scaling Java Application

Christopher Frost

When deploying a Java application to Cloud Foundry the Java memory settings
for the application are decided based on the configured memory weighting
during staging. This means that, unlike other apps, if the application is
scaled to give it more memory it needs to be *restage*d it to get updated
Java memory settings. This has now been improved with an improved memory
calculator written by Steve Powell[2]. The Memory Calculator[1] will be run
during every application start to ensure the application gets up-to-date
memory settings, its output is shown during staging.

-----> Downloading Open JDK Like Memory Calculator 1.1.1_RELEASE from
(found in cache)
Memory Settings: -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=64M -XX:MetaspaceSize=64M
-Xss995K -Xmx382293K -Xms382293K

Then scaling the application to double the memory will result in new memory
settings without having to restage the application.

cf scale my-application -m 1G

-Xmx768M -Xms768M -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=104857K -XX:MetaspaceSize=104857K

This new feature is currently available on the master branch of the
buildpack [3] and will be released in due course.



Christopher Frost - GoPivotal UK

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