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Josh Collins

Hello Fellow Cloud Foundrians,

You probably already know this but I wanted to send out a quick note on the off chance someone new has joined us.

The Release Integration teams cf-deployment CI pipelines are hooked up to and will automatically trigger a new build/validation workflow whenever any cf-d component is published to We try to publish cf-deployment releases bi-weekly to get your components out to customers and other cf-deployment developers as soon as possible.

This is wonderful of course.
However, there can be the RARE occasion a component team publishes a new release to and then uncovers a significant issue that may not have been caught in acceptance tests due to amount of time or load required for the issue to present itself, or some other condition that's difficult to emulate in dev/testing environments. So it happens sometimes.

In the event that this does happen with a component you're working on (or know about), please take an extra minute to let Release Integration know right away so we can pin our pipelines to the last stable version of your component.

We'd like to publish only the finest and most stable cf-bits for general consumption and thank you for helping us to do just that.

I appreciate that you've read this message!


Josh Collins
PM - Release Integration 
Josh Collins
PM - CF R&D Release Integration

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