Re: cf-d 3.0 impact to your CI

Hjortshoj, Julian <Julian.Hjortshoj@...>

We're using the master branch, so we haven't hit this yet, but it sounds like it is coming our way soon. there a list of breaking changes somewhere that we can refer to in order to prepare ourselves?

Thanks much,
-Julian (and the rest of the persi team)

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Subject: [cf-dev] cf-d 3.0 impact to your CI

Hello Folks - 

The cf-deployment 3.0 changes which were checked into our `release-candidate` branch yesterday broke the CI pipelines of several component teams. I wanted to let you know that the @relint-team and I are aware of the impact and are very interested in minimizing such disturbances in the force in the future.

I didn't realize how many teams were consuming the RC branch!!! At any rate, once 3.0 is out the door, I'd like to call a retro discussion and invite any/all folks to discuss how things went and what we can do to make 4.0 moar better. 

Thanks so much, apologies and...Looking forward!

Josh Collins
PM - Release Integration,  Pivotal CF R&D 

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