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Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams@...>

Yes that sounds right - or if you’re deploying in CI then your CI pipeline would create the vars.yml file for each diff target/stage.



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If the CF CLI doesn't support environment variables, It would be really wonderful if the file would consider environment variables. It would be more in line with the 12 factor manifesto, it would discourage people from keeping secrets in `yml` files unencrypted on disk. It would also be easier to use than creating a config file. That way people can source the env variable from features in the CI services like Travis env to encrypt variables, or they could be resolved by looking up the value from something like Hashicorp Vault, all through simple environment variable use. No odd code required to write data to a `.yml` file required. 

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Hi CF Team,
I was exploring on variable substitution in manifest.yml :
I see there is a vars.yml that can be used to specify the values of app manifest.
Now if i have various environments like Dev, stage , prod for say then do i have to create three different vars.yml files for each environment like var-dev.yml, var-stage.yml and var-prod.yml anr read values from there during cf push?
Appreciate your leads and advice on this.

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