Re: cf-deployment 3.0

Josh Collins

Thanks Geoff, Marco, Chip, Jesse, Bernd, and David for sharing your feedback and thoughts. You’ve expressed valid concerns and provided valuable context that I take to heart. I really appreciate the time and effort required for meaningful dialogue about the impacts of the proposed release cadence.

While the RelInt team's primary goal remains supporting the CF Foundation engineering teams and their ability to validate their commits in CI, your points underscore a tension we’re acutely aware of.

We’re trying to meet the needs of both the CFF Contributor and Operator and the ‘trick’ is to find a sustainable balance between the two. However, on occasions where we must prioritize one over the other we’re going to favor the CFF Contributor.  

I mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth restating that the RelInt team doesn’t have any plans provide LTS support and as Chip and Jesse pointed out that has traditionally been a value-added service provided by commercial vendors.  

In the spirit of iteration, I’d like to propose we proceed with the release cadence I originally outlined and see how it goes.

Again, thank you for providing such valuable feedback.


Josh Collins

_Current_ PM of CF Release Integration

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