Can't login into api

Schwerdtfeger, Christian <christian.schwerdtfeger@...>

Hello together,

i've deployed Cloudfoundry into AWS like following:

- bosh aws create like descriped here:
- Installation of bosh like descriped on this page:
- installed cloudfoundry using cf-boshworkspace (

My deployment uses the cf-tiny-scalable.yml deployment of cf-boshworkspace
and is starting secondary AZ nodes for backbone, api and runner.

With some minor modifications i've got the installation to run through
without error.
After that i tried to "curl api.subdomain.domain/info" and get "404 Not
Found: Requested route ('api.subdomain.domain') does not exist."

Does someone of you have a glue where to search the error? The output of
"monit status" on nodes "public_haproxy_z1/0" and "api_z1/0" seems to be
okay. All processes are marked as "running" and "monitored".

Thank you

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