Re: BlockHeads Broker - Proposal for Incubation in the Extensions

Michael Maximilien

Hi, all,

It’s been about one month since this proposal has been submitted. I don’t see any pending unresolved issues or comments.

Therefore, according to our process [0] and Nima’s request to move a vote, I am giving everyone a last opportunity for comments until EOD Wednesday 07/18. 

This is also the day of CAB call in case you want to chat with him, myself, or others who attend the call in person.

After 07/18, assuming no comments, we will move for a vote.



On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 9:57 AM Nima <nkavian@...> wrote:
Hello all,
Following the presentation of the BlockHeads broker at today's CAB call, here comes the proposal for its inclusion as a new CF Extensions project.
BlockHead is a service broker that integrates with Cloud Foundry / Kubernetes and enables management of blockchain nodes and deployment of smart contracts. You can check our blog post below for more information
Project Name: BlockHeads Service Broker

Proposed Project Lead: Nima Kaviani (IBM)

Proposed Contributors: Swetha Repakula (IBM), Jonathan Berkhahn (IBM), Morgan Bauer (IBM), Nima Kaviani (IBM)

Feel free to contact me in case of any questions / thoughts / feedback.

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