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Marco Voelz

Dear Josh,


You are correct, in the past the RelInt team hasn't provided security releases. Instead, the credo was to go forward with the regular releases to also get the newest security fixes. This, however, was only easily possible because *the newer version did not introduce breaking changes with potentially big impact at the same time*.


I understand your mission of helping other teams increase their velocity. Maintaining multiple branches with fixes is certainly not fun, and I agree that it makes sense to try to avoid this if possible. I'm not sure I get the container networking 2.0 reference, though. Could you elaborate a bit more on this and how it is related to the current discussion?


Thanks and warm regards



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The Release Integration team hasn't provided security releases in the past -- for neither cf-release nor cf-deployment -- and doing so would be burdensome and impede the evolution of cf-deployment. Therefore, we're not currently planning to start providing security patches. But we appreciate the feedback and will keep an eye on the problem.

Because the RelInt team's primary goal is to support the CF Foundation engineering teams and their ability to validate their commits in CI, we need to focus more on keeping up-to-date with their changes. We want to set a release cadence that's aligned with, and ideally increases, the velocity of the teams. Take a look at the what happened with container networking when they wanted to ship 2.0...

Thanks for reaching out Geoff!

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