Feedback requested: More than one service possible with the same name

Jennifer Spinney

Hi cf-dev,

As part of the work to support different service brokers being able to provide services and service plans with the same name (See “Improving Service Access in Cloud Foundry” [1]), we came across an Cloud Controller API change we’d like to make that has the potential to be disruptive to current clients, depending what assumptions they’re making.

The list services endpoint (i.e., GET /v2/services) allows a client to specify a service name as a query parameter (i.e., GET /v2/services?q=label:<service-name>). This endpoint always returns an array, even though today that array can only consist of 1 or 0 elements, since service names are globally unique across the entire platform.

In the future we plan to allow different services to have the same name, as long as the services are being provided by different brokers, which leads to the possibility of this request returning an array with two or more elements.

Our concern is that some clients might be currently relying on the fact that today’s response, while an array, can only respond with at most one service. Hence if two (or more) services are being returned such a client might pick the first one without realizing it might be the wrong service.

We’d like to know if anyone is using this endpoint in that way and whether they’d be affected by this query now possibly returning more than one service in the returned array.

Services API (SAPI) Team

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