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Franks, Geoff

How long will 1.x, and 2.x cf-deployments be maintained with security patches? Without that, it sounds like there’s potential for a lot of organizations to be faced with breaking changes and instability every time they upgrade (if upgrade cycles internally take a month or two, and major versions are coming out as often or more), not to mention the difficulties of jumping multiple major versions at once.


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Hey Y'all,


Cf-deployment 3.0 is around the corner. 

We're going to go 3.0 in 2-3 weeks.


We released cf-deployment 2.0 on June 18th and included 'breaking' changes.


Breaking changes in the context of cf-d are changes which would require special attention from operators for the deployment to succeed. Executing the same bosh deploy command/args run used in the previous deployment may fail depending on which ops files and features operators had deployed with in the past.


Going forward, we'd like to introduce a more regular (~monthly) cadence to major point releases of cf-deployment.


The goal is two-fold and in-order-of-importance:

  1. provide a reliable mechanism for cf component teams to integrate and release major  changes
  2. mitigate fear of major point releases in the minds of operators/cf-consumers


As of today, we've got one PR that includes breaking changes and I'm putting out a call to y'all.

If you've got what you'd consider to be a breaking change that warrants going out in a major point release of cf-deployment, please submit your PRs and reach out to the RelInt team as soon as you're able to so we can come up to speed and support you!










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