Free to Migrate to BPM

Josh Collins

Hey Y'all,

You may know this already, but I wanted to send out a broad communication to make sure you're in the know and to build a shared understanding about the process for migrating to BPM going forward.

As of cf-deployment v1.40.0, BPM is colocated on all instance groups in cf-d.

It's available for every component team to adopt when validated against their component's features.

To-date, teams that have completed validation have enabled BPM by including logic within their jobs to rely on BPM based on whether the `bpm.enabled` property is set to true for their jobs. And adding an entry to `operations/experimental/enable-bpm.yml` to set that property/value to true in the deployment manifest.

The following jobs currently have entries in enable-bpm.yml:
  • uaa
  • route-emitter
  • rep
  • bbs
  • auctioneer
  • ssh-proxy
  • file-server
Now that BPM is on each VM by default you can validate your components in your pipelines by enabling BPM directly within your job(s).

And when ready to publish your bpm-enablement changes in a release, please... 

For each team that has a component/job that's already validated against BPM, it would be great if you could enable it directly as per above and, if appropriate, submit a PR which removes the entry from `enable-bpm.yml.` 

At some point in the relatively near future, I'll delete `enable-bpm.yml,` but only after all components listed have enabled it and I've heard folk's pipelines no longer rely on it's existence.

Thank you for reading this through and thanks very much in advance for replying with any questions, feedback, or suggestions and issues related to this communique.



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