Re: CF CLI: how do you use `no-start` with `cf push`

Abby Chau

Hey Bernd,

Zach can speak more to this but, I believe, the CC v3 API has been stable for some time, with v3.27

The v3 prefixed CF CLI commands are relatively lesser known so apologies if it's been relatively unclear. All the CF CLI v3 prefixed commands are all still considered experimental (the CLI commands such as `cf v3-push`, `cf v3-app`, `cf v3-set-health-check`, `cf v3-droplets`, etc) . A few reasons for this are that the CF CLI team wanted to garner feedback about them from users, and we wanted the freedom to change the commands (output, etc) based on user feedback. An example of this is the `cf v3-app` command, which we will be changing soon based on user feedback. (There is a survey out currently about the UX). 

Starting with the `cf v3-app` command, (which we will remove the experimental status for soon, and which the current `cf app` command will default to using for users on CC API 3.27. or higher) the CF CLI team have embarked on a concerted effort to remove experimental status for all the other v3 prefixed commands. We realise this may have an impact on users, and we want to mitigate for this as much as possible - we are doing so by asking the community for feedback, and updating them as much as possible regarding our current efforts. 

After we release the work for the `cf v3-app`, we will be looking at other CF CLI v3 prefixed commands to remove the experimental status for - again we are keen on making sure impact is minimal for users whilst simultaneously trying to make sure all the benefits of the v3 CC API functionality is fully realised as intended. 

I hope this makes sense, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback. We will be communicating with the community each step of the way. 



On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 7:50 AM, Chip Childers <cchilders@...> wrote:
On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 7:30 PM Abby Chau <achau@...> wrote:
Wondering if you folks have tried using the `v3-create-app` command as Mike has pointed out (and Zach elsewhere). The command is basically the equivalent of `cf push test --no-start` in that it creates an app, leaves it in a `stopped` state, and users can then apply configurations, bind services, set-groups, enable ssh, etc. This command appears to be a workaround for your use cases, but please let us know if that's incorrect. 

My 2 cents here, FWIW... the v3-foo$ syntax feels like it should be only temporary and should eventually be merged back into the more standard commands / feature flag combos.
Chip Childers
CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation

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