Clarification regarding Custom roles in CF

Raghav, Prashant <prashant.raghav@...>

Hi Team,
We would need clarification regarding custom roles on Cloud foundry.
Our use case is as follows:
Relevant permissions:
  1. deploy applications
  2. (re)start/stop applications
  3. access application logs
  4. bind cf services to applications
  1. market place services, e.g. MySQL
  2. user-provided services, e.. for storing access credentials of external services on AWS
  1. create/update cf services, e.g. set access credentials
  2. view cf service settings via the cf command line interface, e.g. see unencrypted passwords
Defining roles and permissions is tightly integrated with the intended work processes.
In a DevOps I would suggest the following:
  • Role DevOp
  • permissions 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Role Admin
  • permissions 5, 6
Could you please provide solution for such kind of issues.
Thanks & Regards, 
Prashant Raghav
Atos India Pvt. Ltd, 
Embassy Tech zone,  
MIDC - Phase II Block 1.5, 
Hinjewadi, Pune. 
Email : prashant.raghav@... 

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