Re: CF CLI: how do you use `no-start` with `cf push`

Lee Porte


We use it when setting env vars that we don't want to commit. Or when committing then would harm the reuse of our code by others.

On Wed, 27 Jun 2018, 17:18 Abby Chau, <achau@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,

The CF CLI is soliciting feedback on how you use the `no-start` flag: 
  • what are your specific use cases? 
  • if the flag was no longer available, how might that affect you? (Would you strongly object to such a change, and why?) would you have a sensible workaround?


Please contact us on the #cli channel on Cloud Foundry Slack. Alternatively, respond directly to this email.


Abby Chau
CF Product Manager, CF CLI

Note: The CF CLI team is currently working on updating the `cf v3-push` command to use the server side manifest work we've completed (with the Capi team), and to update the command such that it has as much feature parity with the current `cf-push` as possible. The eventual goal is to make the `cf push` command default to the enhanced v3-push command for users (on cc api 3.27 or higher). Since there is more granular control options in v3, `no-start` is a more nebulous flag.

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