(action requested) cf app display changes

Abby Chau

Hi everyone,

The CF CLI team sent out a two minute survey recently to gather feedback on changes [1] to the `cf app` display summary information. Please have your say on how the `cf app` summary will change in a future release. Thanks!


Abby Chau and the CLI team
CF Product Manager, CF CLI

[1]  Based on your feedback recently, we've decided to change the `cf app` to default to the v3 app endpoint. What this means is: 
  • users on CC API 3.27.0 or higher, the `cf app app-name` display will change in an upcoming CF CLI release - how the display will change is largely based on your feedback above 
  • for users on CC API 3.27.0 or lower, you will continue to see the current `cf app app-name` display; you will not see the new v3 display unless you upgrade to CC API 3.27.0 or higher (and you have the latest version of the CF CLI)

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