Re: cf restart-app-instance and environment variables #cf

Zach Robinson

Hey Preetam

There's not any work to get 'cf restart-app-instance` to update env vars and there is not a way to clone an app.

The current canonical method for updating an app's config, is to perform a blue-green deployment

There is also work in flight to implement rolling updates of applications that will allow 'cf restart' to update environment variables for an app based on this proposal

CAPI Project Lead

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 6:54 AM Preetam Palwe <preetam.palwe@...> wrote:
Thanks Dan - It's a reasonable guess!

Following link has some explanation about why it has not worked on Diego - (The documentation of cf restart-app-instance should have this mentioned.) 

As per above link - Diego team has done some work to propogate env var changes during restart-app-instance. Does anyone here know more about it?
Is there any way to get env vars reflected using cf restart-app-instance or any other means without downtime?

On other hand I also thought about using copy-source but that command require the target app to exist. Can we clone the app?

Appreciate any help on this - Many Thanks !

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