Feedback request - Polyglot service discovery for container networking

Preethi Varambally


The CF Networking team is working towards making Polyglot service discovery GA [1]. As part of this, operators can configure their own internal domains and we envision the following 2 scenarios.

Fresh install

- Operators use the CC APIs to configure internal domains

- Operators also have to configure a BOSH property "internal_domains" on the BOSH DNS adaptor job with the same internal domains

Upgrade from experimental service discovery

- apps.internal is already seeded into the cloud controller. No action is needed.

- Operators have to configure the BOSH property "internal_domains" on the BOSH DNS adaptor job to [apps.internal] to avoid downtime for apps using service discovery

If you are using the experimental feature, we would like to hear from you about any questions or concerns you may have on the upgrade process above.


CF Networking team

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