Feedback request: Proposed changes to capi-release nfs_server.share_path

Tim Downey

Hello all,

Recently on the CAPI team we've been updating our BOSH jobs to run within BPM. BPM is opinionated with regards to which directories can be mounted within its containerized jobs. This means that in order to properly support NFS, we will need to update the default nfs_server.share_path to be located within the "/var/vcap/data" directory on Cloud Controller BOSH instances.

The nfs_server.share_path value is currently configurable across several jobs within capi-release, but we are considering removing this configurability in order to ensure that the NFS volume is mounted in the proper location.

We are wondering what the impact of this change would be and are interested in hearing from anyone who is currently setting nfs_server.share_path to a location other than the default path of "/var/vcap/nfs".

In summary: 
  • at a minimum we will need to change the default value of nfs_server.share_path to support BPM in capi-release
  • we are also proposing that we make it no longer configurable to ensure that jobs running within BPM have access to the NFS mount
Tim Downey and Elena Sharma
CAPI team members

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