Re: Database support for UAA

Filip Hanik

hi Enrique,

UAA used to ship with Oracle compatibility back in 2012. Licensing issues can be overcome from a shipping standpoint since UAA only needs to ship with the JDBC library
What became problematic for the UAA was test driven development and continuous integration. Having actual Oracle database instances running in multiple environments.

The different databases have three components in UAA

1. The configuration - including some DB specific components to modify the JDBC URL on the fly [1] [2]
2. The migration scripts [3][4]

This can definitely be extracted to make it externally configurable to an already compiled version of the UAA. 
Such functionality does not exist today, it would have to be added through a contribution with accompanying tests.

On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 10:01 AM, <enrique.canocarballar@...> wrote:
I understand that UAA can run against MySQL and Postgres as the backend database, and Oracle was considered in the past but was discarded due to the enterprise licensing model (
My question is whether there is a way to develop support for Oracle (or any other database) without having to integrate the code within the UAA repo. In other words, is there a way to externalise the components to support a different database and then make it work alongside UAA's war file?



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