Re: Is anyone successfully using IPSec along with Windows Server 2016 (1709)?

Aaron Huber

After further testing with both the 1709 and 1803 versions of Windows Server 2016 it does appear that the WinNAT component being used by the Host Network Service in Windows does not play well with IPSec.  We've confirmed with both the open source Cloud Foundry and commercial PCF deployments that traffic to the containers stops working once IPSec is enabled.  We've also tested using out-of-the-box installations of both 1709 and 1803 with Docker for Windows and can replicate the same results - traffic to a container over the NAT connection to an exposed port stops working as soon as IPSec is enabled.

If anyone has successfully been able to get this working, please reply with any details.  In the mean time we'll be trying to reach out to Microsoft to confirm if this is a bug that can be fixed or if this is working as intended.


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