Re: CF CLI v6.37.0 Released Today: Variable Substitution

Benjamin Gandon

Hi Abby,

In the documentation for variable substitution, when it’s said:

Template variables can also be used as partial values, such as in:

It’s quite unclear what is meant by “partial values”, and the example doesn’t bring an illustration to this. Indeed, correct me if I’m wrong but this second example looks the same as the first one, because using --vars-file <(cat secrets.yml) should be quite the same as writing --vars-file secrets.yml.

Maybe “partial values” was a way to say that multiple --vars-file arguments can be used?


Le 30 mai 2018 à 03:17, Abby Chau <achau@...> a écrit :

Hi all,

The CF CLI team released cf CLI v6.37.0; please see release notes for full details. 

Highlights include:
  • Variable substitution - (replaces inheritance) which allows app developers to create app manifests with values shared across all applicable environments in combination with references to environment-specific differences defined in separate files
  • Now the CLI reads username and password from environment variables
  • If you are using a API version older than 2.69.0, a warning displays asking you to update your API version - as the CLI no longer supports versions older than 2.69.0
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes a bug whereby X-Cf-Warnings were not being unescaped when displayed to user
  • When using CF_TRACE=1, passwords are now sanitized

Let us know if you have any comments or feedback, thanks!


Abby Chau
Product Manager, CF CLI

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