CF CLI v6.37.0 Released Today: Variable Substitution

Abby Chau

Hi all,

The CF CLI team released cf CLI v6.37.0; please see release notes for full details. 

Highlights include:
  • Variable substitution - (replaces inheritance) which allows app developers to create app manifests with values shared across all applicable environments in combination with references to environment-specific differences defined in separate files
  • Now the CLI reads username and password from environment variables
  • If you are using a API version older than 2.69.0, a warning displays asking you to update your API version - as the CLI no longer supports versions older than 2.69.0
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes a bug whereby X-Cf-Warnings were not being unescaped when displayed to user
  • When using CF_TRACE=1, passwords are now sanitized

Let us know if you have any comments or feedback, thanks!


Abby Chau
Product Manager, CF CLI

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