CF+K8S SIG Call tomorrow

Chip Childers <cchilders@...>


Tomorrow at 6 PM CET, 12 AM ET, 9 AM PT is our next CF+k8s SIG call. I've reached out to several projects to see if they want to provide a demo tomorrow, but schedules aren't aligning. The following call does have some demos scheduled already (two weeks from now).

That said, we will still have a brief call tomorrow. Agenda will be:

1) Any project status updates worth highlighting
2) Open discussion on k8s + CF efforts

Since there isn't a demo, I won't be switching to Zoom this time around.

Expect the call to be fast. Join if interested!

Dial in number: 215-315-3487
No PIN needed

International Callers
Dial the local number below based on your location. When prompted, enter your host's conference number (215-315-3487), then the "#" key.
-Germany: 030 30807999
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Chip Childers
CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation

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