java buildpack debugging - how to pass memory value without manifest file ...


Hi Team,
I am trying to customize the java build-pack with oracle jre.
however, when trying to debug it locally , using the below commands  :

export VCAP_SERVICES="{}"
export PORT=8080
cd ~/debug-javabuildpack/apps
JBP_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG ../java-buildpack/bin/detect app/
JBP_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG ../java-buildpack/bin/compile app/ tmp/

I am getting the below error :

[DownloadCache]                  DEBUG Validated content size 63819486 is 63819486
       Expanding Oracle JRE to .java-buildpack/oracle_jre (1.6s)
[Droplet]                        DEBUG Resources /home/tux/debug-javabuildpack/java-buildpack/resources/oracle_jre found
[DownloadCache]                  DEBUG Validated content size 2406200 is 2406200
       -totMemory must be specified
[Buildpack]                      ERROR Compile failed with exception RuntimeError

Question:  How can I pass Memory value without a manifest.yml file ?

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