Service Fabrik 2.0: A pluggable, flexible decoupled Broker architecture proposal

Jain, Ashish <ashish.jain09@...>

Dear All,


Service Fabrik team is pleased to share the proposal around the next generation architecture for a more flexible, pluggable OSBAPI compliant broker. Since we achieved incubation we have realized that Service Fabrik is opinionated, monolithic in nature and it is tough to integrate other community projects from example BBR. With this new design Service Fabrik envisions to move from data driven to an event driven architecture. This would enable Service Fabrik to allow pluggability via bring your own provisioner which could be K8S provisioner or a terraform one. And then operate the deployments via bring your own backup/restore mechanism for example BBR, Shield etc. And which also scales independently for provisioning and operations. More details in the proposal here


We look forward to your opinion/comments/questions.


Best regards,



PS: SF 2.0 was presented during Boston summit, ppt is available here

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